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The 'Perils' of Living in Florida

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Here’s Haden trying to help us remove a lizard from our bedroom wall… unfortunately, Haden’s tool wasn’t quite long enough (the lizard is all the way at the top of the wall).

Haden Smith

We were eventually successful, although it took all 3 of us to corner the little guy and get him back outside.

Haden Smith


Haden's First 5K

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We all ran the Gasparilla 5K today on Bay Shore Blvd - including Haden!

Haden Smith


The State Fair

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We made our trek to the State Fair today. Haden got to ride lots of rides, but his favorite was this huge slide:

Haden Smith

Haden Smith


Rays Days!!

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This weekend, Haden said he wanted to go see his favorite baseball team at their pre-training open house.

In the locker room:

Haden Smith

Running the bases:

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

Just kickin’ back on top of the dugout:

Haden Smith


Dinosaurs at the Zoo?

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Today we made our first trek of the year to the Lowrey Park Zoo. Can you believe we found dinosaurs there? Even though this exhibit was geared toward children, we found that nearly all of the kids there were more than a little frightened - including Haden. There definitely is a thing as ‘too life-like’.

Does this grin looked a little forced?

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

Future Paleontologist?

Haden Smith

Ah - the most enjoyable part of the dinosaur exhibit: the inflatable slide!

Haden Smith

And finally - getting to ride an animal that’s a bit more tame.

Haden Smith


Gasparilla 2011!!

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Haden sure has a way of getting beads…

Haden Smith

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