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Go Rays!

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Haden’s imagination has kicked in so much over the last couple of months. He loves to play all sorts of imaginary games, including pretend baseball. So he was very excited when we took him to a Rays game this weekend. Go Rays!

Haden Smith

A shot of the Trop…

Haden Smith


He's Back

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Haden is back from his 1800 mile road trip to Kansas City. He also picked up 6 more states which moves him to 27 states now.

Haden Smith


Weekend Away

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Last weekend, Haden took a trip to the great state of Texas to see a few sights and meet some very special people.

At the airport, Haden tried to convince us that riding a foam frog would get us to Dallas just as quickly as the airplane.

Haden Smith

As usual, Haden did very well on the plane. He did, however, suggest that we ride the frog again when we landed… making it clear that he doesn’t yet understand the entire concept of air travel.

Who's a Cowboy?

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On Saturday, we took a VIP tour of the new Cowboys Stadium. We wish that there was some way to describe the place that would accurately depict the enormity of the building… and sadly the pictures just don’t do it full justice. But here’s a few anyway, to try to share just how impressive/ostentatious the place is.

To put it mildly, the first thing you notice when you enter the dome is the *large* TV screen hanging over the middle of the field (OK - the entire field). To put things in perspective, the Mitsubishi sign sitting on the very top of the screen is 5 feet tall!!!

Haden Smith

Here’s another shot of the massive TV screen, this time from a suite about 4 levels up. How could anyone actually watch the play on the field with this in your field of view?

Haden Smith

Go Witten’s!!

Haden Smith

You’re how old, Haden?

Haden Smith

And to close out the tour, we spent quite a bit of quality time running around on the field.

Haden Smith

And lastly, here are a few parting shots of the incredible structure.

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

A Day at the Ranch

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On Sunday, Haden got to meet his maternal aunt and cousins who live in Wichita Falls, TX. He was also very entertained by the dogs, cats, horses and donkeys that his cousins Paul and Laura have on their ranch.

Three generations of Wittens! (Haden, Aunt Pauline, and Mom)

Haden Smith

The entire gang. (Cousin Paul, Blitzkrieg the dog, Laura, Dad, Haden, Cousin Steve, and Aunt Pauline)

Haden Smith

It was so good to see everyone!

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