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Movin' On Up

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So Haden hasn’t yet made the “dreaded escape", but we decided it was time to make the switch from the crib…

Haden Smith

…to the big boy bed! As you can see, we went with the theme of one of Haden’s favorite movies (Toy Story) in hopes of making the move seem as enticing as possible. :D

Haden Smith

A Rainy Afternoon

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What better way to spend a post-pool, rainy afternoon than by partaking in a few watermelon slices?

Haden Smith

Oh - maybe it’s more fun to catch a few rain drops in your bucket!

Haden Smith


Mr. Clean

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Haden just loves to help clean. Give him a paper towel (or better yet, a wipe) and he will dust every surface in sight. He insists on being the one to spray the Windex on the coffee table, and he really likes the handheld vacuum. At school he often gets “treasure” from the “treasure box” because he’s such a good helper!

You’ll also note the sticker on his arm - a trophy from his swimming lessons!

Haden Smith


More Beach!

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Haden still uses the sign language for “more” (finger tips together) that he learned over a year ago. Here he is requesting “more beach"!

Haden Smith


Somebody & Everybody

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Recently, Haden has mastered the use of the words “somebody” and “everybody” and just loves to use them in context. Every day before his swimming lesson, he asks “Is somebody swimming?”

This weekend, “everybody” decided that “somebody” should go for their first kayak ride. So Mom and Dad spent the week hyping up the event to Haden by having him try on his life jacket and sit in our big yellow boat in the driveway. Then on Saturday we headed out to Lettuce Lake Park off the Hillsborough River and tested out our passenger. It was a success - Haden loved sitting in front of Mom and watching the birds, the fish, and the trees float by. We think we’ll plan another trip soon!

Haden Smith

After the boat ride, we took a hike down a boardwalk and climbed the 3 story tower to gain a bird’s eye view of the Park.

Haden Smith

Haden Smith


Daddy's Home!

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We’re all very happy that Daddy’s back from his work trip to Vegas.

Haden Smith


The Groves

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We were very happy to have the opportunity to see some of Mom’s dear friends visiting from Kansas this afternoon. It’s always great to catch up!

Haden Smith


Beach Weekend!

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Today was our first real beach day of the season… we hope it’s not our last! (Work fast, Uncle Mike!)

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

A new place to keep the crayons!

Haden Smith

To top off the night, we all went to see the Tampa Bay Storm (Arena Football) play against the Oklahoma City Yard Dawgs. We won!

Haden Smith

Haden’s “tough” look.

Haden Smith

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