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We recently took Haden to see his very first movie in the theater* - Toy Story 3D. He was mesmerized throughout the entire show even though he only wore the 3D glasses for about 30 minutes.

Haden Smith

*When Haden was a small, small baby we took him to a few “big kid” movies - but this is the first real “kid” movie he’s been to in the theater.


Relaxing on the Couch

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Haden Smith


Which Way to Sturgis?

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We recently bought Haden a new trike and we’ve been trying to teach him how to use the pedals. So far, we haven’t been too successful but doesn’t he look like he owns the bike?

Haden Smith



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Haden has made a ‘best friend’ at school - a little boy by the name of Vaughn. They always greet each other with huge smiles and evidently play together all day long without any controversy.

(Haden just got done running all over our yard in this picture - hence the the sweaty hair.)

Haden Smith


Cargo Plane

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Haden’s favorite things to build lately are Lego airplanes. Some, of course, look better than others. He had a little help with this one…

Haden Smith



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He’s only 2 1/2 and he’s already mastered the iPhone and the iTouch; Haden can unlock the devices, navigate to his favorite games and play them over and over. Or, he can open YouTube and watch a multitude of available animated clips. It seems the trouble is deciding which one thing to do, so it certainly helps that both Mom and Dad have the ‘toys’.

Haden Smith


Our "Little" Boy

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A few of Haden’s favorite tricks of late are walking backwards, and covering his mouth when he giggles - a very polite gesture.

Haden Smith



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We stumbled onto a park in Largo where you can ride on a miniature train. Haden really enjoyed riding through a big tunnel, over a bridge across a pond, and through the big trees.

Haden Smith

Haden Smith


The Best Hat Ever

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Haden acquired this red hat at a restaurant awhile ago and it has since become one of his favorite toys. When it’s worn with the bill in the back, it’s a fireman’s hat.

Haden Smith

When it’s worn with the bill in the front, it’s a basecall cap - which is required attire when playing imaginary baseball (one of Haden’s favorite passtimes).

Haden Smith

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