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Trip to Colorado: Day 6

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The last day of our time in the mountains was rainy but beautiful. We found that the light rain kept many of the other hikers away, and we nearly had the trails to ourselves.

Here’s Haden expressing his excitement about Alberta Falls - the hike we just completed.

Haden Smith

It’s difficult to see in this picture, but Haden was very happy to find a kiddie-sized table and Big Bird / Cookie Monster chairs at the brew pub we stopped at for lunch.

Haden Smith


Trip to Colorado: Day 5

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Nothing beats a hike in the mountains on a glorious day, so the three of us headed out on an adventure to Emerald Lake. Very rejuvenating and envigorating!

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

After our hike, we took a drive up Fall River Road to the rooftop of the park just in time for sunset.

Haden Smith

Haden Smith


Trip to Colorado: Day 4

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When everyone in Goodland had to go back to work / school, we headed back to the mountains. We spent a few days in Estes Park, Colorado to enjoy the scenery and get a little exercise.

Here’s Haden and Daddy on the steps of the Stanley Hotel, of “The Shining” fame.

Haden Smith

Just before sunset, we took a quick drive into Rocky Mountain National Park. Here’s Haden enjoying the wildlife.

Haden Smith

Haden and Mom posing for a picture.

Haden Smith

And now, for the real wildlife!

Haden Smith


Trip to Colorado: Day 3

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Here’s Haden, Jaylee (the Beagle) and Joel enjoying a break from the intense croquet game. Last year when we saw Jaylee, Haden could only say “goggie". Now he can not only say her name properly, he can clearly tell her what to do (and regularly did).

Haden Smith


Trip to Colorado: Day 2

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Haden had a great time playing on all of Max’s “toys". He thought it was particularly interesting that the combine had a horn, and talked for weeks afterward about honking it.

Note the yellow horn button on the steering column.

Haden Smith

Is the tire big, or is Haden little?

Haden Smith

This says it all…

Haden Smith

The ultimate “motorcycle".

Haden Smith


Trip to Colorado: Day 1

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In September, Haden took a trip to Colorado and Kansas with the primary goal of visiting Aunt Brenda, Uncle Max, and cousins Bill, Nathan and Joel. Before making the trek from Denver to Goodland, however, Haden took Mom and Dad to Boulder for a little “fun time” so they would behave in the car. :D

Haden Smith


Swim Time

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