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Haden has had such a love of fire trucks and fire hats lately that we decided he should be a fireman for Halloween. He had a great time watching the chaos in our neighborhood, handing out candy to all the trick-or-treaters that stopped by our house (at least 250 of them!) and knocking on a few doors himself.

Earlier in the week, Mom took him trick-or-treating at school (we paraded through a nearby strip of offices to fill our sacks) and it took only a couple of houses for Haden to get the hang of it. It wasn’t long before he was beating us to the door and following proper protocol (without being prompted) to obtain candy.

Haden’s favorite Halloween candy was M&M’s (he didn’t quite know how many M’s to put in their name and it usually came out MMnMnMns). Thankfully, they all disappeared in a few days and life has returned to normal. :)

Haden Smith

Haden Smith


The Zoo

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Aside from spending lots of time in the pool, the gang explored the Lowry Park Zoo this morning. It was quite an adventure!

Mom and Haden rode a camel…

Haden Smith

Haden petted a goat…

Haden Smith

Henry and Haden drove a train…

Haden Smith

Haden got to imitate a monkey he saw by riding on Daddy’s back.

Haden Smith



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To Haden’s sheer delight, Cousin Henry, Aunt Kirsten and Uncle Jaron arrived today! Here’s Grandpa chauffeurring the happy cousins around the grocery store.

Haden Smith


Grandpa and Kaye-Kaye!

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Haden was so excited to see Kaye-Kaye and Grandpa tonight! He was sure to teach Grandpa all about playing his version of football, and insisted that Grandpa wear this lovely hat while reading to him.

PS - as a side note, Mom and Dad usually have to wear the fireman hat during the football games. :)

Haden Smith


What Happens when a 2.5 Year Old Dresses Himself...

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The accessories (hat, gloves, socks and shoes) pictured here have been Haden’s favorite of late - he has to wear them all night every night. Luckily, he only wears them around the house and so far hasn’t insisted on them accompanying him to the store or school.

After donning this outfit, Haden usually pulls us into a ‘football game’… well, his version of a football game, anyway. This entails us clearing the living room floor, tossing around a Nerf football and tackling each other.

Haden Smith


Saturday at the Museum

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Haden took us to the Museum of Science and Industry this weekend. On our way there, we stopped for a little Vietnamese Pho. We ordered Haden his own bowl and amazingly he was pretty good at using the special soup spoon and slurping up the noodles.

Haden Smith

Isn’t he a great fireman?

Haden Smith

Here’s Haden showing his support for the high speed rail system currently being proposed for central Florida.

Haden Smith


October Beach Time

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We decided to make one final beach trip for the season this weekend. Although it was a little breezy and cool, the water was still nice and warm.

See you next spring, beach!

Haden Smith

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