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Dog Park

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Today we spent some time playing outside in all the spoils of fall. Haden really enjoyed running around at the park with Henry and all the dogs. It’s a little tough to find piles and piles of leaves in Florida so getting to jump around in the woods was a special treat.

Haden Smith

Haden Smith

Haden Smith


Thanksgiving Fiesta!

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This year’s Thanksgiving Dinner theme was “South of the Border". Here’s Haden, Mom and Dad posing our costumes. Haden was dressed as Zorro, sans mask for the picture.

Haden Smith


Thanksgiving in Kansas City!

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Haden, Mom and Dad made the trip to Kansas City today to spend the weekend with Kaye Kaye, Grandpa, Aunt Kirsten, Uncle Jaron and Henry!

Look what we caught while we were there! Two very imaginative toddlers had a grand time pretending to be dogs in the dog kennel.

Haden Smith


Say "Ah"!

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Haden goes through stages of infatuation with his tongue - lately it’s been tough to get a picture of him without his tongue being front and center.

Haden Smith


Haden Singing

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Milk Mustache

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Milk is still Haden’s drink of choice.

Haden Smith


Trolly Time

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This weekend, we took a spin on the trolleys in Ybor City during a festival weekend to promote the “historic” streetcar system. They even had a couple of special cars that are normally kept in the barn - the one we’re on here doesn’t have any sides. Fun!

Haden Smith


Impressive Tower!

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Haden had a little help building this tower tonight… of course, the best part was knocking it over!

Haden Smith


Bucs Fan

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The hat and the shirt are very, very, very difficult to get off this boy. In fact, anything that has a “spooky flag” on it (the Bucs’ emblem) is a treasured possession!

Haden Smith

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